For more than 56 years, Metro Pavers has taken great pride in quality workmanship, and our track record reflects our success. We have been recognized more than 27 times by the Iowa Concrete Paving Association for our work on Iowa roads, airports, parking lots, trails and developments. Today, as part of Metro Group, we continue to leverage technology, innovate sustainable concrete solutions and stay true to our vision, mission and values with every project.

What sets us apart

What sets us apart

Sustainable Concrete Surface Solutions

To ensure on-time delivery of the highest quality surfaces possible, Metro Pavers has adopted carbon reduction and 3D paving technologies while also developing relationships with the best partners in the construction industry.

CarbonCure reduces the amount of cement used while creating a stronger concrete surface—all while greatly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Leica Geosystems 3D Paving ensures fast and efficient concrete paving for roadways, trails, parking lots and airport runways. This paver and trimmer control system is accurate to 1000th of an inch.

We frequently coordinate with local construction companies who provide dirt work, pipe work, electrical, utilities, erosion control and landscaping to complete public and private paving projects. Project partners include Delong, Maxwell, Neumiller, MMS Consultants and other firms with the required capabilities.

Whether laying concrete roads, trails and curbs for a new subdivision or paving an airport runway, Metro Pavers has the capabilities, technology and partnerships to ensure a smooth finish.


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